Alpine Spam Set Helmets

Sporty hard-shell helmet with variable ventilation system and removable side cheeks, incl. DOUBLEFLEX Goggle. New 2008/09 Season.

IN-MOLD ski helmet, up-scale ventilation system with metal mesh, vent applications at the sides, removable interior lining, removable side cheeks.

Outstanding helmet climate by ventilation system and unbuttonable side detail. Particularly practical in sunny weather or during Spring skiing. The protection of the head is ensured while still providing a completely new and free feeling.

As with most sporting activities one sweats, therefore ALPINA have developed an interior which can be removed for cleaning Simply wash with mild warm soapy water dry and replace in the helmet.

GRAP is available in rwo colours. Sizes range from 54 – 57 and 58 – 61 cm and can be adjusted to any head circumference thanks to the helmet’s integrated RUN SYSTEM.

Website: Alpine Spam Set Helmets