Snowkite and Friends 2009

Snowkite & Friends, Edition 2009 will be release on 25th November, which is a german language print magazine yearly printed since 2004 from a company called Kite&Friends.

The Magazine covered some really interesting topics in their previous edition 2008:

  • All Snowkites available on the market including Test and Overview
  • All you need to know about Protection
  • Icekiten Masuren including “Moonbereifung”?!?! the vision of light till cadkast
  • Snowkiten Spots in New Zealand: On the road with Chasta
  • Heli Snowkiten in the Vulcano land: Pedro May at the end of Syberia

so the 2009 edition will cover even more interesting topics and if you are able to understand German go an grab the next Edition on the 25th from your local dealer or order it online.

Website: Kite & Friends